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DUI/OUI Representative Lawyers in Massachusetts

Being charged with a DUI/OUI is a serious matter that requires a serious attorney. By hiring the specialists at Your Legal Rights Advocates, you’re hiring experienced attorneys who have years of experience working with DUI/OUI cases. You are in serious risk of getting your license suspended or facing worse punishments. If you’re reading this, are actively searching for a DUI lawyer, and are worried about your future, you’ve come to the right place. We understand the state of mind you’re currently in and are here for you. Call our team today and schedule a consultation. We’re happy to go over the ins and outs of your situation, helping you along the way. It can be an intimidating time in your life but we’re here to help get you through it.

police officer giving driver a breathalyzer test

What is an OUI/DUI?

Massachusetts’ General Law Part I Title XIV Chapter 90 section 24(1)(a)(1). To state the statute in basic terms, if you operate a motor vehicle on a public way, while under the influence of intoxicating liquors or other substances and/or have a BAC of .08 or higher, you are in violation of the statute. You will face criminal liability of up to two and half years in jail and/or a fine anywhere from $500.00-$5,000.00.

So those are the facts. Fortunately for you, the trusted team at Your Legal Rights Advocates have dealt with hundreds of DUI/OUI cases and have helped lower our clients’ punishments, fines, and jail time. Every case has a story. Once we sit down with you and hear your side, we’ll compare that to what the state has and create a case for you. You’re not alone when you decide to hire our team of professionals who care. Though this can feel like a devastating time, we’re here for you. Call us today to start your journey back to redemption.

The Trusted Professionals

If it is just your first offense, the charges you face will be serious, but not life-ending. Further charges will be harder to contest. Obviously, it’s best to avoid the issue altogether, but when you need a team to represent you in Massachusetts, look no further than Your Legal Rights Advocates.

You Have Rights – Let Us Help You Fight for Them!